Monday, April 6, 2015

Paintings - Barbara Yates

Below is a series of paintings (in acrylic) I created for a simple reason; I wanted to make something that made people smile.  That's why I chose children and animals as my subjects.  I've always enjoyed drawing children and animals and was able to get great images to use as subjects from the internet.   I was living in Tucson, Arizona at the time and all the paintings I did there have cactus plants in them.  There are 13 in the series so far.  

Below is a series I did with a nude woman (my inner being).  These are the ones that I finished.

My friends Fran and Patti, below and under that a painting I made for Fran.

I like to barter - I painted a portrait in exchange for having my computer fixed.

I started making "Facebooks" of people and animals.  Below are a couple of dog Facebooks that I painted.

Lady in a Salad, 2'x4', acrylic on masonite

The White Eagle Hotel in Crestone, Colorado, 70' x 13', mystical Indian theme

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